Vision & Mission


Artistic Team & Company

CALI & CO dance/Matt EL is directed by longtime collaborators, Christine Cali (dance) and Matt Langlois (music). Their work appears at the intersection of contemporary dance and indie rock concert, transcending conventions of artistic form and social constructs. We work from a global perspective with a specific trajectory toward cultural integration. Our work seeks to reflect the dynamics of multiplicity, fluidity and sharing of ideas and identities through dance and music. 

Current Company Members

Jennifer Meek Satoh, Yuko Monden, Reyon Hwa Yeo, Ayana Yonesaka



Our Work

is developed through rigorous collaborative practices where the human spirit is celebrated, diverse voices are amplified and efforts toward social justice are engaged through performance.

Our creative work evolves from  a twenty-five year practice in teaching, creating and performing dance and live original music. 

Our research and creative process employs the  meshing of contemporary dance techniques with improvisation, body with technology, precision with wild abandon, motion with live original sound and words, and theory with practice.



Our investment in holding a space for radical gathering, creative action, embodied consciousness, art making and transformation is at the heart of our creative work and dance classes. 

In cultivating the dancers learning edges, we guide movers toward seeking their kinetic, spiritual and performance potentials. 

You can join us for this experience through one of our 

Company Performances, Contemporary Dance Classes, CALI & CO's Practice-to-Performance Intensive and/or WAH! Fest.